M/C EcoGalaxy 4D/3N - 4 Days


Explore the “Enchanted Islands” on board our M/C EcoGalaxy Catamaran First Class Cruise, built for sailing on the Galapagos Islands preserving its fragile ecosystem, and of course its beauty.

The Catamaran social areas are the perfect place to witness the endless wonderful landscapes in a private and intimate atmosphere.


Day 1
Baltra Airport - Santa Cruz Highlands

AM: Arrival to Baltra Island

☑ Baltra airport.
☑ Reception at airport.
☑ Transfer IN.
☑ Welcome on board EcoGalaxy Cruise.
☑ Welcome drink and lunch.

PM: Highlands

Where we have a trekking and we will find the giant tortoises in their natural habitat, this is a natural spectacular. For this visit we recommend to use sport shoes, long pants, raincoat, hut and sun block.

Day 2
North Seymour Island - Bachas Beach

AM: North Seymour

dry landing. Seymour was formed by the lifting of volcanic marine lava. Marine fossils dating back to the Pleistocene period were found on this island.

In 1932, Captain Alan Hancock and his crew took 72 malnourished land iguanas from Baltra Island to North Seymour Island so that the iguanas could live in better conditions. In 1934, colonists verified that the iguanas were in good condition.

The vegetation of North Seymour is bushy and is host to nesting Real Frigates of the Galapagos. Return to EcoGalaxy. Lunch

PM: Bachas beach

This beautiful beach is located in the north of Santa Cruz Island; the beach is one km long.

The site was named during WWII (World War II) when the American army left two barges on the beach. The early colonists couldn’t pronounce barges correctly, so they called the area “Bachas”.

Day 3
Egas Port - Rabida Island

AM: Egas Port

Here we find a beautiful black sand beach; to the south of the beach is the Pan de Azucar Volcano, whose volcanic deposits have contributed to the formation of the black sand beach. The crater of this volcano contains a saltwater lake that dries up during hot weather. Between 1928 and 1930, explorations to develop a salt mine were carried out, but it was decided that a mine was not feasible. The workers’ use of endemic woods also damaged the environment and the development was scrapped. Descent to the salt mine is not allowed. Lunch.

PM: Rabida

The visitor site, located on the east coast of Rabida Island, consists of a red sand beach, a coastal lagoon behind the beach, and a loop trail of approximately 1.1 km length.

The red color of the rocks and sand on the beach is due to the interaction of the very porous volcanic material with environmental factors. Rain, salt water and the sea breeze, act as oxidizing agents, creating the red color. The scenery, arid zone vegetation and the presence of native and endemic species, add to the beauty of this island. Dinner.

Day 4
Transfer out



  • Full board
  • Excursions
  • Accommodation (Double cabins)
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Certified bilingual guide
  • Transportation on Galapagos


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