Camping in Cuyabeno Reserve - 6 Days


On this 6-day Amazon tour, a real adventure awaits you! Ride with a canoe deep into the Cuyabeno Reserve, up to the border with Peru, and see places only very few visitors to Ecuador get to see!


Day 1
Lago Agrio - Camping in Zancudo Cocha Lake

Your expedition deep into the rainforest begins in the town of Lago Agrio, the last noteworthy ‘outpost’ of civilization before diving deep into the endless wilderness of the Amazon. You can get to Lago Agrio either by night bus or short-haul flight, depending on your budget and preferred level of comfort.
A 2-hour drive will take you to Tierras Orientales, a small village at the Río Aguarico River, your entry point to the genuine Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. This is the official starting point of the real jungle adventure! You board a motorized canoe that takes us deeper and deeper into the lush green rainforest. We follow the river downstream until reaching the juncture of Río Aguarico and Río Cuyabeno. Time for a picnic-style lunch and a refreshing dive into the waters! After this moment of pure relaxation in the middle of nowhere, we continue our journey eastwards until finally reaching our campsite at the shores of the Zancudo Cocha Lake. Time of a traditional welcome drink, dinner, and a good night’s rest after this 5-hour journey by canoe.

Day 2
Canoe ride - Rainforest hike

After waking up early in your campsite in the heart of the territory of the indigenous Kichwua tribe, you will have the chance to join our native naturalist guide on a birdwatching tour by canoe. Hundreds of different bird species call this rainforest their home, a paradise for the avid ornithologist and occasional birdwatcher alike! This early-morning tour will be rewarded with a hearty breakfast at the campsite.
Next up is a hike through the dense jungle. Our guide will explain the diverse range of plants that have been used by the locals for their medicine and their livelihood for hundreds or thousands of years. This hike is also a great opportunity to see some of the incredible wildlife: monkeys, sloths, and snakes are just a tiny part of what you could spot with a bit of luck.
This activity-packed day is far from being over: after lunch, we are going to explore the flora and fauna of the Zancudo Cocha Lake. The lake is also another great opportunity to take another refreshing swim and to watch a breathtaking sunset above the evergreen horizon!
The day wouldn’t be complete without getting to know the creatures that become active when others go to bed: On a nightwalk after dinner your native guide will show all kinds of nocturnal insects and reptiles. You will be amazed of what’s hiding out there!

Day 3
Camping in Delfin Cocha lake

Time to pack up our camp and move even deeper into the rainforest! Continuing the Aguarico River downstream, we will ultimately reach Río Lagarto Cocha, the river that forms the border between Ecuador and Peru. We take the Río Lagarto upstream until we reach Delfin Cocha, a lake home to the endangered Grey and Pink River Dolphins (Sotalia fluviatilis and inia geoffrensis). Chances are great that you will spot them here. After a picnic-style lunch, we will look for a good spot to set up our camp. As night falls, and we ride upstream to our campsite, you will have the chance to spot some of the nocturnal river animals such as the ominous caimans with their glowing eyes.

Day 4
Visit to the Secoya Tribe - Rainforest hike

If you missed the opportunity of early-morning birdwatching one day, today will have another chance! Toucans, Macaws, and Parrots are just a few of the many species found here. Your native naturalist guide will help you spot them even from a large distance. After breakfast, we navigate upstream for a visit to a community of the native Secoya tribe. After an introduction to daily life deep in the rainforest, you will get some hands-on experience on preparing the traditional Casave bread, which will also be the basis of our lunch. In the afternoon, learn about the rainforest first-hand from a Secoya guide during a hike through the jungle. Time to return to our camp.

Day 5
Flooded Rainforest - Camping in Zancudo Cocha lake

Because we ventured so deep into the rainforest, it’s already time for returning back to civilization. But before we do, you should not miss out on exploring the Igapó, the flooded rainforest, a special ecosystem found on the Lagarto Cocha river. Afterward, we ride downstream to the Aguarico river, back to our first campsite at the Zancudo Cocha lake. Last overnight stay in your comfortable tent.

Day 6
Return to Lago Agrio

Every trip has to come to an end and so does this incredible Amazon rainforest adventure. With many interesting impressions and memories, you will return upstream to Tierras Orientales and from there by car to Lago Agrio, from where you return to Quito. Until the next adventure in the Amazon, where so much is left to see!

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Camping in Cuyabeno Reserve
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