5 Days Deep Amazon Exploration: Lagartococha & Zancudococha

5 Days

Dive into an unforgettable Amazon rainforest adventure with our 5-day expedition. Start your journey from the towns of Lago Agrio or Coca, then delve into the heart of the Amazon – the Cuyabeno Reserve. Witness the rich biodiversity of the rainforest, navigate serene channels in your own canoe, and learn from the indigenous communities.

Join us as we explore lesser-known trails, dine under a starlit sky, and share the thrill of encountering the jungle’s incredible inhabitants. Experience bird watching, caiman spotting, and the chance to craft traditional “Cassave” bread with the local Secoya tribe.

It’s a journey that will leave you with lifelong memories and a profound appreciation for nature’s untamed beauty. Are you ready to embrace the wild?


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Day 1: Travelling to Zancudococha – Night walk

Day 2: Jungle hike – Piranha fishing – Caiman observation

Day 3: Stream paddling – Dolphin observation – Lagartococha

Day 4: Birdwatching – Visit to indigenous community – Jungle hike – Delfincocha

Day 5: Return to civilization


Your adventure starts early in the morning in the towns Lago Agrio or Coca, the two gateways to the Ecuadorian rainforest. From here, we will drive for 2 hours to Tierras Orientales, one of the last outposts located at the Aguarico River. After loading the camping equipment and supplies for the next days onto the motorized canoe, we will embark on our journey to Zancudococha lake, deep inside of the Amazon rainforest.

On the way, we will ride past small settlements of indigenous tribes such as the Kichwa, Shuar and Secoya. You will also be able to spot the first animals, such as the Great Egret and turtles sunbathing on tree stems at the river banks. We will stop at one of the natural river beaches for a boxed lunch.

In the afternoon, we will arrive at the mouth of the water channel that connects the Augarico River with the lake. Crossing this narrow channel will take approximately 1.5 hours. While navigating the channel, we will be watching out for wildlife. This is a good place to see the endangered giant river otter (Pteronura brasiliensis).

Eventually, we arrive at our campsite. After setting it up, it's time to take a refreshing bath in the lake. With a bit of luck you might be able to spot the solitary pink river dolphin that has been roaming these waters for many years.

After a delicious dinner, you can join the naturalist guide on a night walk near the camp to look out for spiders, frogs, mantis and more nocturnal animals.

After waking up to the sounds of the howler monkeys, you are served a healthy breakfast that will give you strength for the jungle walk of about 3 hours.

During the walk, your naturalist guides will explain the different plants and its uses, as well as the animals that you come across.

Back at the camp, put on your swimming suit for a refreshing swim in the lake, before a freshly cooked lunch is served at the campsite. Then time for a siesta in the hammocks.
In the afternoon, you can try your luck at fishing piranhas.

After dark, it is time to venture out on the lake to track down caimans with our torches. A few hundred individuals call this lake home, and they can grow up to 6 meters in length.

Start into this long day full of adventure with a copious breakfast. You then will become the captain of your own paddling canoe. Your mission: Crossing the water channel from Zancudococha lake to Río Aguarico while spotting as much wildlife as possible! And since you are navigating silently without motor, this task will be even easier. At the river mouth, hop back onto the motor canoe and head straight to Lagartococha River, which forms the border between Ecuador and Peru.

The Lagartococha River is a blackwater river, fueled by rain water. The intersection of Lagartococha and Aguarico is the first great spot to see the pink river dolphin. We then continue upstream until we reach our campsite right at the river bank. En route, we will of course be on the constant lookout for animals that roam the trees on both sides of the river: Sloths, monkeys and different species of parrots.

After setting up the camp together, lunch will be served, and you will have some time to relax and soak in the ambience.

After our afternoon "siesta", we will head to Delfincocha, another beautiful river lake, a perfect place to take a swim and see the pink dolphins. We return to the campsite before sunset.

Around sunrise, and before breakfast, we board the canoe to take a morning river stroll on the river to observe the various kinds of birds that are most active this time of the day. Enjoy the tranquil vibes of the morning jungle, before returning to the camp for breakfast.

Afterwards, there is time to update your diary, or if you fancy, explore the forest surrounding the campsite together with your guide.

Around lunch time, we take the motorized canoe through meandering streams, into the territory of the Secoya tribe. The friendly people of this indigenous community will show you around the village and introduce you to the preparation of the traditional "Cassave“ bread.

We then say goodbye and return to the camp, but not before taking another refreshing dip in the river lake of Delfincocha. This is also the natural habitat of the very rare manatee, so look out for it and maybe you get lucky.

When the sun sets, we return to the camp for dinner. Before calling it a day, you can take another short canoe ride for caimán spotting and stargazing

Day 5 :

The last day of your rainforest adventure has begun. After breakfast and dismounting the camp, we return by motorized canoe to Tierras Orientales and from here back to civilization.

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5 Days Deep Amazon Exploration: Lagartococha & Zancudococha