Will P.

We had an absolutely amazing time in Quito, Mindo, and the Galapagos!

I was trying to create the best 30th birthday trip to my adventurous, nature-loving fiance and this trip truly delivered. I only wish we both had more time off from work to explore more of the Galapagos Islands. Our local specialist, Linda, was amazing to work with and very responsive to our questions. She even added the nice personal touch of meeting us in Quito. We got to meet so many interesting people on our trip as well, including backpackers/travelers and locals. Our state appointed tour guides in the Galapagos (including Astrid and Nathalie) were all very knowledgeable: you could literally ask them anything!

Highlights of our trip include:
1. Walking tour around Quito
2. The cloud forest in Mindo which included Zipling, hummingbird preserve (so, so many beautiful species), a chocolate making tour, and early morning bird watching (we got to see 4/5 types of toucans and feed hummingbirds from our hands!)
3. Standing along the ECUATOR!!!
4. Swimming/snorkeling with 20+ hammer head sharks and green sea turtles at kicker rock (near San Cristobal)
5. Exploring the giant tortoise reserve on Santa Cruz. (Did you know that because of the introduction of guava to the islands these gentle giants are developing diabetes? It seems these beautiful creatures have a real sweet tooth and that we sadly have caused!)
6. Spying on nesting Blue-Footed Boopies and frigate birds, looking for marine and land iguanas, and watching sea lions surf on north Seymore island.
7. Swimming with fur seals, sea lions, and other marine animals and fish off north Seymore island
8. Exploring a coffee and chocolate farm on Santa Cruz, as well as learning how they produce a local favor adult beverage.
9. Watching penguins swim and albatross sore, as well as learning about the volcanic creation of the islands at San Bartolome island.

As a former backpacker our accommodations were absolutely fantastic and luxurious. The food was also wonder and a key part of the experiences as well.

Verdict: We will definitely be using them again and we will be back to the Galapagos!

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