Stuart S.

Cristobal was our main guide for our time on mainland Ecuador and he was exceptional; friendly, informative, and thorough. We had a series of help on the Galapagos including Paola, Liz, and the proprietor of our incredible Hotel, Jessica. All of them were wonderful as well.
We shot ourselves in the foot a bit by booking such a short trip and trying to mix evening celebrations with early morning excursions, but we left feeling we had made the most of our time in Ecuador.
Isabel was manning the control decks and absolutely nailed it. We had exceptional guides for every step of our journey and she made sure all of our shuttling throughout Ecuador was adequately chaperoned.
Would emphatically recommend Isabel, Cristobal, and the whole team–but would also encourage anyone to book a longer trip than you think you’ll need to allow for some R&R (we booked 8 days to hit Quito, Baños, and the Galapagos).

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