Jennifer A.

This was my first experience ever using a travel agent or having any kind of help planning a trip. I didn’t even know where to begin when planning a short trip to the Galapagos, and Mathias took my wishes into account and created the perfect trip. He was also very helpful when we had to postpone the trip due to a family emergency. The trip itinerary was just about perfect, full of wildlife growing as we wished. Our favorite day by far was visiting Espanola, which surprised me because I assumed visiting the giant tortoises would be my favorite (and that was still amazing, obviously, and I loved it, but Espanola just blew us away). But I think that’s the beauty of using local experts –they know what to suggest and what you might enjoy even more than you. All of our guides were amazing (Sol, Martin, Ulf, and Camilo). We had Martin two days in a row, which we loved, as he was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The Galapagos Sharksky boat and crew were also fantastic, and we were lucky to also have them two days in a row. The liaisons we had were so friendly and informative as well (Liz and Jorge). The hotels were perfect for us and it was so nice having the little things like transportation and snorkeling gear taken care of for us. Overall, it was such an amazing vacation and I’m so grateful for the experience!

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