Jamie M.

Where to start and what to say is not easy because words can’t necessarily do justice to how amazing of a trip was planned for us and the excellent treatment we received from both our trip planner Linda and our stellar tour guide Milton!
From the very start what made them standout was how effective and efficient Linda was in communicating back and forth to understand what Stephanie and I were looking for in an experience. Linda surpassed all our expectations with the itinerary and the details that went into each day to make sure we got to enjoy a range of activities. Linda constantly checked on with us during the trip too in order to make sure everything was beyond satisfactory showing an awareness to go above and beyond…even with a surprise visit in person to give it the personal touch!!
For anyone that gets lucky enough to book a trip through Linda you will feel privileged!!
Milton as a tour guide only elevated our trip from there and his personality, photography skills, knowledge of the respective areas we visited, enthusiasm and ability to understand speaking English made it a SUPERB holiday!!! There’s sincerely not enough positive we can share about Milton in a review!!!
Two things comes to mind for anyone taking time to read this…one is Ecuador is incredible and is the most diverse and characteristic country this well travelled couple has been to and secondly you WILL want to ONLY book through Linda. No matter if the investment is higher than other operators…the decision will be the best decision you could make for yourself!!!!

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