Jacob S.

We honestly can’t say enough how much our family appreciated all the effort that went into planning and orchestrating our trip. There was some unexpected civil unrest throughout the country when we visited, we even considered cancelling the trip all together but we’re so glad that we didn’t. Mathias and his team were amazing and were great at keeping up to date on the situation and changed our itinerary to help us avoid protests and demonstrations. Although it was a bit dissapointing that we weren’t able to do everything we had originally planned on, the activities they replaced them with seemed just as good if not better and we still had a great time.

The other standout was just how well everything was coordinated. Between our tour guides, bus drivers, and hotel staff, it seemed like everyone knew our itinerary better than we did, and were so great about keeping us updated with the time table and what to expect. This was especially nice since we were travelling with small kids and helped us focus on the experience and not the logistics.

We would highly recommend Kimkim to anyone and of course Matias, Liz, Milton, and all the other great people we interacted with during our trip.

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