Debby D.

Linda did an amazing job of planning our trip to Ecuador and the Galapagus Islands.
We had 10 days in Ecuador and everything was perfectly coordinated. Pickup, drop offs, detail of the tours and admissions were all taken care of and detailed out in our itinerary. We had Christian as a guide and Guillermo as a driver and they were exceptional. Christian was extremely knowledgeable of all aspect of Ecuador and was great at giving us details of how long a drive we would have, where to buy snacks and punctual for all pickups and drop offs.
When we went to the Galapagos for our last 4 days we did not get the same level of detail that we had come to expect after being with Christian. The Galapagos part was still good but we did have to ask for information and weren’t always given enough details. ex. Halfway through a 5 km hike we were told there were no bathroom and the length of the hike. We would still highly recommend Linda and Kim KIm for travel to Ecuador. Linda went above and beyond to adjust our itinerary before we left to be exactly what we wanted. She is exceptionally good at her job! If Linda is available to plan your trip she will do an excellent job for your Ecuador travel.

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