Christopher R.

I (we) couldn’t have been happier with the whole experience. Linda was receptive, warm, excited for us, and wanting nothing but the best experience in Ecuador we could possibly have! I have been waiting a long time to see/visit Ecuador and what Linda set up for us was simply amazing!

After finally meeting her our first night it just confirmed to us we were going to be onto something special. My traveling companions are absolutely what we experienced along the way. The food, accommodations and the guide … @SebastianCarrera … Linda recommended was beyond anything I could have expected. An adventure of a lifetime! I Can’t wait to go back and see what I missed this first time!

So … if you’re curious of Ecuador, nervous of planning it yourself, hesitant to travel to this beautiful, beautiful country drop everything and contact Linda and know that she has you best intersts in mind.

Absolutely 10 stars!!!! Thank you Linda and I hope to see you in Deutschland soon!

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