Cheri B.

I spent 15 days in Ecuador touring areas around Quito, the Amazon, and the Galapagos islands. I traveled alone with a guide until he dropped me off to go to the Galapagos.
I used Quito as a home base and took a free day, explored the old town and middle of the world museum, Otavalo, and Cotopaxi. I also stayed in Mindo and Banos. They were worth visiting.
In the Amazon, I stayed at the Kuyana lodge and in the Galapagos used Santa Cruz as a home base.
I was pleased with the work Mathias did on my travel plan, his response time, and how he kept in touch nearly daily. He managed to incorporate my special requests of a visit to the rose farm, the Condor Parque, and a horse ride. I had a special interest in those things and thought they were worth the time, although the ride to the Condor Parque was long. The horse ride added a lot to the visit to Cotopaxi as I did not care to climb. The horse guy was terrific. It was my first time on a horse!
I can not say enough good things about Kuyana. The food was terrific and authentic. The grounds and rooms are beautiful. The activities are wonderful and individualized to the traveler.
It was relaxing too! It was the best!
The Galapagos lived up to their reputation. A special thank you to my guide, Julian, from Day 1, and the man who helped me complete the exit steps on the final day! Awesome job, guys!
Ecuador has a lot to see! GO!

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