Outdoor Sports in Ecuador

Although being a relatively small country, Ecuador is a great destination for outdoor sports lover. Due to its varying climate zones and landscapes, it offers something for everyone. Are you into biking? The Ecuadorian Andes offer beautiful trails through rocky National Parks, along stunning crater lakes or through lush green valleys. Do you prefer water sports? No problem, head to the coast or to Galápagos for some surfing, or jump into one of the beautiful rivers in the Ecuadorian Amazon and explore the area kayaking or rafting. Check out the following suggestions for your next Ecuador outdoor adventure!

Biking in the Cloud Forest

An alternative way to explore the bio diverse cloud forest of Ecuador is by bike. There are many beautiful routes, starting close to Quito and finishing deep into the cloud forest. You get to know the unique flora and fauna, seeing butterflies, various kinds of birds, and insects while cycling through the lush green vegetation. You can top off your biking expedition by visiting the well-known town of Mindo, as Mindo too offers a great variety of excursions and activities.

Kayaking and Rafting in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Only about 4 hours from Ecuador’s capital Quito, you can find some of the most beautiful rivers of the country. Immerse into the rainforest, kayaking or rafting down the Arajuno River, the Jondachi River or the Jatunyacu River, and stop in one of the indigenous villages along the way. Let them show you their traditional dishes, learn how to make chocolate, or just enjoy a day or a night in their community. Learn about their culture and their traditions, while relaxing and gathering new energy for the next part of your adventure.

Rock climbing in the Andes

Both beginners and experts in rock climbing get their money’s worth in Ecuador! The volcanic formations attract climbers from all around the world. You can do great day trips from Quito, for example to Sigsipamba, El Rodadero or Cuyuja. Close to Cuenca, you can find another rock climber’s paradise: Cojitambo. It does not matter if you are just looking for a short excursion or for a multi-day adventure, in Ecuador you can find it all!

Surfing on the Enchanted Islands

As you are already in Ecuador, you should not miss the opportunity and head to the famous Galápagos Islands, also known as the Enchanted Islands. Follow Darwin’s footsteps and explore the endemic flora and fauna. After spending a couple of days between giant tortoises, lazy sea lions and bizarre marine iguanas, it’s time to catch some waves! Especially on San Cristóbal Island, there are many great surf spots, and also schools for those who are new to the business.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next holidays and include a bit of action and adventure! Participating in an active tour is a great alternative to exploring a country in the usual, passive way, only heading from attraction A to attraction B. Are you up for the experience?  

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