Kayak Trip in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most bio diverse and stunning regions the country has to offer. Its lush green forest, unique wildlife, and network of rivers create a magic one cannot escape. So, how can you best visit this breathtaking part of our planet? Our suggestion: during a kayak trip in Ecuador, leaving cars and our daily city life behind us while immersing in unknown places for a couple of days.

Although only having two or three days at your disposal, it is enough time to take a great trip into the rainforest. Leaving from Quito, you will only need three to four hours until arriving in Tena. From there, you can start your trip on the water, choosing one of the many beautiful rivers that dot the area. Our tip is Rio Arajuno, a river with calm waters, ideally for beginners. While being home only to a few small rapids (nothing a beginner cannot handle), most of the trajectory is idyllic and allows the visitor to intake the natural beauty. Listen to the sound of the birds, watch out for monkeys jumping from tree to tree, and feel the light breeze on your skin. Just enjoy the feeling of being completely in harmony with nature!

A cultural and culinary experience

To top off this experience, you should spend the night in one of the indigenous communities who call this area their home. Pitch your tent in their village and get in touch with the locals. You will not only gain an insight into their traditions and their culture, but also try local food. It might for example be Maito (fish wrapped in and cooked in leaves) or Guayusa (an energizing tea brewed of a plant found in the Amazon).

Incredible wildlife

After a good night’s sleep, wake up early in the morning to visit another attraction of the Ecuadorian Amazon: a parrot clay lick. Several different species of parrots may gather there, depending on the climate conditions. They come here to feed on the clay which offers many minerals they need for digestion. After this spectacle, hop again into your kayak and continue this incredible journey along the Arajuno River. Surely, you will want to continue paddling once it is time to get out of the water for your return into civilization!

If the wanderlust has already kicked in by now, let us know and we are happy to organize an unforgettable kayak trip in Ecuador for you!

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