About us

It all began in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, when a group of travel enthusiasts decided to redefine other travelers’ experience in Ecuador, once travel was going to be possible again. Through our year-long experience working with different travel agencies, we noticed that organized tours still mostly were done the old-fashioned way: hustle from attraction A to B, to check it off the “to-see” list, and for the mandatory foto, that most of the time would end up buried amongst thousands of other photos on a hard disk and never be seen again.

At Authentic Ecuador, our goal is to convert our travelers from passive consumers to active participants. Yes, you’ll also see the highlights of the country, but you will immerse into its nature, interact with its people, taste its flavours, and experience some adrenaline-loaded adventures if you wish to! Feeling that our experiences are still too “out of the box”? We’d be happy to create your personalized Ecuador trip together with you!

We would like you to capture the essence of Ecuador in all its facets, mixing main attractions with off-the-beaten-track experiences, which makes each trip unique and avoids overtourism. Join us on an unforgettable trip and expect the unexpected!